About the blog

POSTWHOREAMERICA is a blog about sex, money, politics, and what’s left of America.

About Melissa

Melissa Gira Grant is a writer who tells true stories about the value of sex. She is a contributor to TheNation.com, Wired.com, the Guardian, Jacobin, Reason, Glamour, Slate, Jezebel, Rhizome, AlterNet, and $pread, among others, and her essays have been selected for inclusion in the annual anthology Best Sex Writing. 

She studied comparative literature at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and is a graduate of the National Sexual Resource Center’s Institute on Sexuality, Health, and Inequality at San Francisco State University.

Recent projects include the digital media performance What Price Love?, a re-transmission of internet love letters, and Take This Book, a history of the People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street.

She was born in Boston, jumped ship to San Francisco, and now lives and still blogs from Brooklyn.

Her current projects look at governance and autonomy in sex work.