Recent Media

Radio Dispatch, October 2012
John & Molly Knefel had me back to discuss Proposition 35, an anti-prostitution ballot initiative before California voters this November.

KPFA Behind The News, September 2012
Doug Henwood interviewed me about sex workers and our self-appointed saviors.

Democracy Now, July 2012
I spoke with Amy Goodman while reporting on the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC.

Radio Dispatch, July 2012
John & Molly Knefel had me on to talk about the high-profile anti-prostitution campaigns against Backpage and the Village Voice.

Media Archives

GRITtv, September 2010
On the dangerous campaign against Craigslist’s sex work ads.

CBC Day 6, September 2010
More on the Craigslist “Adult Services” ads shutdown.

Jezebel, April 2010
Interview on sex work and political organizing. Also Marx?

Daily Beast, April 2009
A sex worker’s guide to Craigslist.

New York Times, March 2009
On the sex lives of the internet famous.

Salon, May 2008
The death of the Deborah Jeane Palfrey, known as DC Madam.

Village Voice, March 2008
In (partial) defense of Eliot Spitzer.

Wired News, March 2008
Tech tools to support sex worker activism.

San Francisco Chronicle, March 2008
In which reporters discover “high class call girls” – again.

BBC Radio Pods and Blogs, February 2008
On sex and Silicon Valley.

San Francisco Chronicle, May 2006
Enjoy this dusty and discredited one from the back of the vaults: “Are Generation Y not sharing online?”